A Winter-month in China

In August 2013 I started my exchange year at The University of Hong Kong. My first term, apart from studying, I hiked some of HK’s hills, gaped at tourist attractions, haggled on markets, partied with friends, and much much more. I even backpacked through the Zhejiang province for a week. Furthermore, I took a Mandarin course during my first term here at HKU and thus was very well prepared for what I had planned for my winter holidays. Being so close to Mainland China (as a HK resident you quickly start to differentiate between Mainland China and all its special territories) I just had to take the opportunity to explore it as vastly as possible – which is why I chose, for the first time in 23 years, not to spend Christmas with my family, as much as I ended up missing them. Thus, for 28 days I backpacked through the cities of China, met many new people from all over the world, saw the many attractions, spoke in broken Mandarin and ate the whole spectrum of food, from street stall delicacies to high-class restaurants.

I hope you will enjoy my written experiences in much the same way I enjoyed making them.

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