Party and Christmas

One of our dorm members celebrated her birthday, so we bought some booze and I got cake for everybody. We played a few drinking games until we were only able to lie down and talk gibberish.

On the 24. I tried finding markets, but has a hard time finding them as the maps in my guidebook are as horrible as can be. I ended up strolling through the ‘Alien market’, a gigantic complex with several levels of shops targeting the Russian market, and the silk market, full of cheap and fake clothes and many annoying attendants.

In the evening the hostel had a big Christmas party. They made a huge, free buffet with pizza, burgers, noodles, salad and much more. I ate lots.

Afterwards I chatted with my family for about an hour, watching them eat lunch.

Back at the party they had a ‘guess the song’ quiz going (I sucked, but the rest of my dorm rocked). The rest of the night we spent drinking far far too much. Someone stole the christmas tree and put it into our room. I ran into it when getting my toothbrush (I didn’t turn on the light) and when I woke up the next day the tree was gone. I was utterly confused the rest of the day to why my memory contained a christmas tree in my dorm until I got told the story.

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