Cocktails, Food and Beautiful Views

Shanghai was a welcome leap up in temperature from Harbin – over 30ºC higher! At first I felt like arriving in the tropics. I spent the day walking down the Bund, gazing at the wonderful buildings. I especially adored the old HSBC building, but sadly they had built a stage for new years in front of it and thus I don’t have any good photos.

The old HSBC building.

From the Bund I walked down Nanjing Road, a pedestrian shopping street, until I arrived at People’s Park, which is a small but filled to the brim with stuff park in the middle of the city. Around it you can find most of the recommended museums in Shanghai.

In the evening I met up with Ulrike at the 100th Century Avenue bar – a bar at the top of the Shanghai World Financial Centre, or how I like to call it, the Bottle-Opener.

View from the 100th Century Avenue Bar on top of the Shanghai World Financial Centre.

Afterwards we had some delicious Korean BBQ at a restaurant not far from there with a nice view of the Bund.

The view from the Korean BBQ.

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