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Ice Festival

In the evening of my second day in Harbin I befriended a couple of Chinese people at my hostel. They were all heading out to the ice festival, so I joined them. As the ice festival hadn’t yet officially opened only groups were allowed inside and the tickets were only sold by group organisers. Good thing I joined my Chinese group or otherwise I would have had a very difficult time getting inside.

The ice festival is super expensive but I think very worth seeing. Here a few pictures:

A small overview
Light show!
They have some stunning ice sculptures!
One of the most impressive snow statues
They had several ice slides. This is a short one.
I love this picture.

After the ice festival I had dinner with the group and learned that in Harbin you eat complete raw garlic with your meals. I tried and even liked it. Locals must hate to kiss though. *garlic breath*


Taking the train north to Harbin was very pleasant as the scenery turned from the usual old, falling apart buildings to snowy white. After arriving in Harbin, the first thing I did was get super lost. I took the wrong bus and ended up a few kilometres further from my goal than I started out with, but luckily I managed to ask and get help from locals.

I spent the day exploring the central triangle in Harbin encompassing the main pedestrian street: Zhongyang Street. Here you can find many shopping centres – something very much needed as I couldn’t stay outside in -20ºC for too long in my ‘summer gear’.

Ice sculptures can be found all over the tourist places.
Michael Jackson.

North of Zhongyang Street you find a river which is completely frozen during winter. They build a little fun park with slides and activities. Prices are ridiculously high though, so I didn’t try out anything.

Bumper cars on ice!

In the south of the triangle stands a beautiful russian orthodox church , St. Sophia’s Cathedral, which is now being used as a museum.

St. Sophia’s Cathedral

In the evening I ate at an overpriced russian restaurant.