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I only spent a night in Nanjing, but it was a very relaxing two days. I strolled around in the Confucius Temple are, where one can see some pretty buildings and a riverside making one feel very enlightened. Not far from the temple is the south part of the city wall, a beautiful relaxing place for a walk.

The next day I visited the presidential palace, where the first government of new China resided at the beginning. I enjoyed looking at all the workplaces they left in their original state with typewriters, old telephones and abaci.

Offices in the presidential palace

In the afternoon I relaxed further north in the Xuanwuhu Park, which is a small lake with five islands and bridges. There was a bonsai garden and and lots of the Chinese zigzag riverside bridges.

Bonsai in the bonsai garden.
Beware! This is not ground but water!

I stuffed myself with cakes, cookies and doughnuts.